Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just because

So if you know me at all, you know that I love social media! I mean I really, really love it! I will sit there all day long and tell you that facebook is ruining lives, that people take it WAY too seriously and that it's dying out.....but the truth is I love it! I really don't know what I would do at night after I put my children to bed if it wasn't for Facebook. I mean, of course I 'surf' other websites, while I split my time between educational TV like Bachelor Pad and Big Brother...but the truth is I always click back to Facebook, just to see if anything super important happened while I was gone during the 3 minutes I spent catching up on Kim and Kourtney on TMZ or ogling the latest Louis adds and trying to figure out why exactly they thought adding a half naked Michael Phelps would make me want an incredibly gorgeous brown and gold clutch, more than I already do. 

The truth is that you're probably just now chuckling at me, thinking "Geez this girl has GOT to get a life" ....but most likely you found this public journal of sorts,from a link that you probably saw somewhere on your facebook...and I bet you didn't just happen to be on facebook for the first time in FOREVER... so quit judging me! I'm just WAY more open about my crazy stalker ways than the next person!

Well since I have developed a passion for watching peoples lives through the computer is the reason why I've now jumped all aboard the Instagram train! Now THIS can really make you love social media!!! There's no distractions, no dumb games to ignore, just pictures....pictures of how great everyone elses lives are. There are pictures of how skinny other girls are, pictures of how awesome last nights theme party bus pub crawl was, pictures of how much better even other peoples food is!!! It's full of small, square, blurry, color destroyed pictures of people who's last names I only know because of facebook ...and man do I love it!!!!

And although I think there are many directions I could take this blog from here...I'm just going to simply tell you why I love Instagram the most:  I love the access that Instagram gives you to those silly quotes, it gives them to you just right there at your fingertips! You know the quotes...they make it to ALL forms of social media, the quote or scripture of the day! The one that makes you buck up...gives you half a second of empowerment, the quotes that make you believe for an instant that you are worthy, that you're not alone, that you CAN take over the world! Ya, those quotes!! Those are my favorite and boy does Instagram have them!!!

So although I logically know looking, obsessing and admiring others peoples lives through a phone or computer screen isn't the healthiest form of entertainment....at least I can always hope to stumble upon a good old Marilyn Monroe quote or a bible verse I haven't heard in awhile, so for at least one second I can think "All things are possible" and "Fear" is really just a four letter word. So for a girl who's had a rough day, who's just a little too honest sometimes, and who realizes she isn't the only one who's life keeps throwing curve balls....I just thought I would post some of my favorite, silly quotes on here, because even if for just a second they give you hope...well that's got to be better than no hope at all, right???!!!! Enjoy:)

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